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Seasonal Products - Halloween



Merlin The Wizard Hand Puppet

A superb Wizard Glove Puppet! Access in base of puppet, up into head and arms Suitable for 3 years and over. ... [read more]


Price: £13.50 Size: 28 x 35 cm

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Puppet Playhouse Tent Theatre

• This theatre and playhouse tent turns any play into a fun adventure. • Theatre also comes with a stage, curtains and ties. • You and a friend can enjoy putting on your very own ... [read more]


Price: £39.95 Size: Assembled size 59"H X 48"D at the base

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Skeleton Pencil

The highly collectable Top Nob range pencils - so many to choose from. Make ideal pocket money gifts. Not just for writing, make up stories and adventures with this mini puppets!... [read more]


Price: £1.99 Size: Age: 3-9 (7 x 23 cm)

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Skeleton Wooden Head Finger Puppet

The character finger puppets provide the perfect blank canvas for creating wonderful tales of friendship, loyalty, and adventure. Children will love inventing personalities for the adorable puppets and with an endless number of possible stories ... [read more]


Price: £3.50 Size: Age: 3+ (5 x 13 cm)

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